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epic games download
epic games download

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what is epic games ?

Epic Games An American company for the development of video games, the most famous of its successful games Fortnite and the series of Gears of War. It is known to be the gaming engine developed by Anril Engin and there another games( epic games download )

-     Engine unreal
-     Breakers battle
-     Recall robo

what is the the advantages and Disadvantages of epic games?

The advantages

-Full 2 week refunds with no time limit
-Journey which was previously console exclusive is coming to the store
-Ability to turn off auto-updates
-Lets you use your own 2 Factor Authentication
-Better revenue share for developers
-Developers are directly connected with creators
-Free game to  download from app store you can play in pc, mac


-Missing features such as cloud saving, reviews, message boards, achievements, in-home streaming, family-sharing
-No Linux support.
- no Social networking pages
-Doesn't seem to be VR support(but I have not tested it as none of the games released yet support VR)
epic games download  also you can download blizzard game  

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