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I am pleased that you decided to read the content license, and do not worry, I will not impose a lot of restrictions on you and do not pay fees to take advantage of the contents of the blog .

The conditions are organizational and for the preservation of some rights only, and also to limit the spread of the phenomenon of movable without identity .. unless there is written exception.

All content in this blog is licensed under the Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License  In accordance with the agreement of the proportions of a commercial declaration participating on an equal footing Where

You are free to view / copy / publish the posts on this site, provided that the work to the owner and required of you is The link to the blog and the post link or the direct lesson inside it is clearly indicated, and you are not allowed to use the content for any commercial purposes.

You are free to derive the posts contained in this site, in the sense that you modify or build on them,